Wednesday, November 09, 2005
How special?
Seen on the menu of a Turkish greasy spoon restaurant in Seven Sisters:

Koç Yumurtasi—Ram's special organ charcoal grilled and served with rice and salad.

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Friday, November 04, 2005
Cracking idea

(Illustration extracted from Classical Sambo.)

Brilliant throw executed from a reverse double, either from an offensive entry or as a defence from a bear hug from the rear. Grabbing lower down on the opponent's legs should induce a pendulum action, creating a vector that will be harder for the opponent to breakfall out of.

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Thursday, November 03, 2005
Stan Smith waxing politick on the American Dad episode, 'Bullocks To Stan':

Francine: Honestly, Stan. What does Haley have to do with you getting a promotion? It should be enough that you're really good at your job.

Stan: Yeah, it should. But we don't live in Shouldland. Ah, Shouldland—where clean-cut kids cruise Shouldland Boulevard and the Shouldland High football team get their optimistic asses kicked by their crosstown rivals, Reality Check Tech.

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
(f)time = x-ness
This morning, I went to the Malaysian High Commission to renew my passport. I was slightly apprehensive about the whole thing because I had read many accounts of High Commission staff behaving rudely to applicants and I had also read in several first-hand accounts that they made things difficult for Malaysians who have not been back in a long time, to the point of refusing to process passports of those they deem ex patria for an 'unpatriotic' amount of time. (I wonder how Jimmy Choo manages.)

I found the staff to be unfailingly polite. However, the lady who attended to me at the visa counter did ask me when I was last in Malaysia. She said it in the manner of Chris Tarrant posing a question to a contestant at the half-million mark—that I was nearly there but had one final hurdle to pass which I had better not flub. Fortunately, I had in my passport a Jabatan Imigresen exit stamp from September. Still, I found it odd that she noted down this fact clearly on my passport renewal application form, not that any space was provided for it.

I think the question was uncalled for. How does it affect my passport application process and what does it have to do with my Malaysian-ness, as it were? If that simplistic line of reasoning were to be followed through to its logical conclusion—that identity is only a function of time—should I not be free from the prejudices directed at me from more myopic quarters in Malaysian society determined to treat me as an immigrant in my own country due to my Chinese origins? After all, I have not been 'back' to China in three generations now. Identity is a function of choice.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005
An exercise in arbitrariness
The government has implemented a test to gauge Britishness or 'preparedness to become citizens in keeping with the language requirement', in McNultyspeak.

Perhaps if I—whinge about the weather and New Labour and Tube delays, watch more Carry On movies, insist on planting seasonals and not perennials in my postage stamp of a garden, wait 18 months for 'elective' surgery, pine for days of Empire long gone, gaze enviously across the Pond, tolerate yob behaviour, abuse the welfare system, read the Daily Mail, speak only one language (and expect the rest of the world to be able to speak that one language), wonder why only two universities in the world's top 20 are British, drink tea, sip Pimm's, chug Bombardier, upchuck in a black cab, think Balti food is authentically South Asian, celebrate a national sporting victory only once every ten years, ponder on the never-ending property boom, succumb to low interest credit, drop all work at five sharp, force a single rubbish bin to service two square blocks, CCTV everything, listen to Arctic Monkeys, have Manumission on speed dial—then I would not have to take it?

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