Wednesday, July 09, 2008
I Heart Military
Excellent! Malaysia seems intent on going down the path to becoming a banana republic. It really is a positive development. Imagine all the benefits! No longer will we have to vote every five years. It is such a tiresome convention in any case. Better to let our dear leaders make decisions for us. They have our best interests at heart anyway, so what could go wrong? Besides, this democracy hooey is not our culture. We are a feudal people; best to stick to what we know.

Then there is the issue of personal responsibility and independent thinking. These things are overrated and can really be done away with. If we start to think and assume responsibility for ourselves, we might actually come up with ideas that the administration is inept and the social contract, inadequate. Seditious stuff. No, no, both are perfectly formed as they are. No need to open that can of worms. It is to our benefit that our betters have so kindly offered to do the thinking and decision-making for us.

More guns on the street will mean better security too. Once the tanks starts rolling down Jalan Sultan Ismail, we will be safe from all manner of threats to public order, especially protests. Those pesky dissidents are out of luck. Now we will be able to suppress them more efficiently, for who can stand up against the twin powers of the Internal Security Act and the army? In any case, nobody asked those traitors to live in this country. If they do not like it here, they can go back to China and India (or Aceh and Sulawesi). We live by our own rules and no one has the right to question how we do things here.

And if Malaysia decides to do it properly, we might even see military participation in government a la Indonesia’s dwifungsi. Centralisation of the economy would be great. There is too much competition nowadays anyway. Imagine the economies of scale we could derive, not to mention the benefit a healthy injection of military discipline and imagination would confer on our admittedly uncompetitive state-owned businesses. Of course, it would be natural for officers to take a nice cut for themselves for their contributions to the state. That is a given.

Ah, I can almost hear the sound of marching on the streets now. Music to my ears.

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